Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Wednesday Hodgepodge

1. Create an acrostic using the word LOVE. If you're unsure what an acrostic is click here. 

              For God so Loved the world
       that he gave his Only begotten son
that whosoever belieVeth in him should not perish
               but have evErlasting life.

2. Does love really conquer all? Why or why not?

God's love conquers all.

3. Tell us about a time recently, where you really put your heart into something.

Rosebud and I have been working on a writing project together, and have been putting our heart into it.

4. What's your favorite fictional love story?

I have quite a few that I really like a lot, but I think I'll have to go with one of my all time favorite series. Anne of Green Gables. The love story between Gilbert and Anne is not unlike the one that LV and I share which makes it even better.

5. Do you generally wear your heart on your sleeve, or keep your cards close to the vest?

 Unfortunately my face is very easy to read to anyone who knows me, so it's kind of hard keeping feelings hidden.

6. What food says love to you? Why?


Blue crab ravioli. It's always a special occasion when LV treats me to my favorite meal.

7. When were you last 'tickled pink' over something? Explain.

Rosebud needed a new pair of shoes, and I was tickled pink to find the pair she had really wanted on clearance at a huge discount.

8.  Insert your own random thought here.

On today's schedule is deep cleaning the kitchen. Not my favorite task in the world, but I always love how it feels once it has been done.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Winter Days

Our power has been restored after having been off for a while on this lovely winter day, and I'm enjoying being indoors while watching the gently falling snow.

Such a happy, cozy atmosphere. Beautiful instrumental music playing softly in the background, while the girls are both curled up with a book that they're reading for their school assignments. Buddy is working his way through all the many puzzles he can handle, for the third time today. Anything under 100 pieces he will do, lining them all up on the living room floor when he has them completed. Right now the floor is basically covered in puzzles.

Sailor has gone next door to check on our elderly neighbor, like he does every day. He'll be back in an hour or so with some more stories that he has been told from by-gone days.

There are times when I wish I could slow time in order to savor each moment longer. Today is one of those days.

Friday, February 5, 2016

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Wednesday Hodgepodge

1. Describe love using all five senses.

I'll keep it simple.

Taste - Sweet.
Sight - Smiles.
Sound - Music, laughter, raindrops.
Touch - Soft, warm.
Smell - Got nothing for this one.

2. February is Canned Food Month. What's your favorite food that comes straight from a can?

Pineapples. I love pineapples, but both Rosebud and I break out in a very irritating rash when ever we eat fresh pineapples. Somehow canned pineapples don't do that, so I'm choosing them as my favorite straight from the can food.

3. A principal in a UK school recently sent home a letter to parents requesting they (the parents!) dress appropriately when escorting their children to/from school (basically saying please don't wear your pajamas) You can read the letter here. It's gotten a lot of publicity, both positive and negative. Your thoughts? And do/did you ever make the school run (or hit Starbucks, Walmart, etc) in your pjs?

I never even step foot outside our bedroom in pjs. So there is no way I would go somewhere out in public in them.

4. Crew neck, V-neck, turtleneck, scoop neck...which is most prevalent in your wardrobe?

A mixture between crew neck and V-necks. I have a few turtlenecks, but never wear them. They make me feel too clunky.

5. I read here recently a list of four things to avoid so you wake up happier. They were late night snacks, hitting the snooze button, social media just before bed/upon waking, checking emails. 

Are you guilty of any of these behaviors? Which on that list do you need to work harder at avoiding?

I don't do any late night snacking. The last food I eat usually happens around 5:30 to 6:00. I never hit the snooze button even though I often wish I could spend a few more minutes in bed. I usually take a quick look at Facebook a little before bedtime. I always wake up happy, so I don't feel guilty for doing that and have no plans to work at avoiding it.

6. Share something you remember about a house you lived in as a child? Of all the homes you lived in as a child, which did you love best?

The house we moved into when I was seven had bright orange counter tops. I didn't care for the color, but it's the house I love the best. It's the one where the most of my childhood and growing up memories were made.

7.Your favorite movie based on a true story?

Sheffey. Based on the life of a circuit riding preacher.

8.  Insert your own random thought here.

I went ahead and signed up for the April A-Z challenge again this year. It will be my third year doing this. It's called a challenge for a reason, but I feel ready to tackle it once again.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

January Goals

I'm happy to report that we accomplished the goals we had set for January.

It was our first time trying to make eclairs, and while they were a bit time consuming we were pleased with the end results.

 We used this recipe.

Our craft goal for the month was making potholders.

After seventeen years of use, the ones I had made before we got married were simply worn out and in desperate need of being replaced. The girls had fun sewing them together while Buddy watched closely.

I sewed the binding on them while the girls created some pillows and scent sachets for their room.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Wednesday Hodgepodge

1. Share a winter memory from your childhood.

Sifting through all my childhood winter memories I'm having a hard time to choose which one I want to focus on. As much as I loved playing in the snow and all the good times we used to have I think the thing I cherish the most from winter time as a child is how every evening once the dishes were done and the wood-box filled we would all gather in the kitchen and eat apples and popcorn while Mom read stories to us until it was time for bed. The hissing gas lamp, the heat from the cookstove, the sound of wind whistling through the pine trees and around the corners of the house, the sound of Mom's voice as she read several chapters from a book ...... happy sigh. If I close my eyes I can almost be transported back to one of those evenings.

2. What was on your blog this time last year? (Besides the Hodgepodge of course!) If you weren't blogging, what in the world were you doing with all that free time?

I didn't blog very often last January. I checked and it looks like the Hodgepodge was the main thing.

3. Ellen Goodman is quoted as saying, 'We spend January 1 walking through our lives, room by room, drawing up a list of work to be done, cracks to be patched. Maybe this year, to balance the list, we ought to walk through the rooms of our lives...not looking for flaws, but for potential.' 

Do you see more flaws or more potential in your life at the start of a new year? Have you done anything specific this month to address either one? Does the new year truly begin for you on January 1, or is there some other month of the year that feels like a fresh start and new beginning?

We focus more on the potential instead of the flaws. It's much more encouraging that way.

4. Who's an athlete you admire or respect and why?

I honestly don't know. I don't know any of them well enough for that.

5. Do you like cream in your coffee? Whipped cream on your pumpkin pie? Cream cheese on a bagel? Sour cream on a baked potato? Cream of wheat for breakfast? Have you ever had a scone with clotted cream? Of all the creamy foods mentioned, which one sounds most appealing to you right this very minute?

I don't drink coffee. I like my pumpkin pie free of any whipped cream. Cream cheese on a bagel sounds good, but I don't eat bagels. Sour cream on a baked potato, yes, yes, yes! I love sour cream and eat it on a lot of things. I prefer using it on salad instead of other dressings. I don't like cream of wheat unless it has been allowed to get cold and thoroughly set, then sliced and fried until a crispy golden brown.

6. Where were you last kept waiting for 'hours on end'? Or for what felt like hours on end? How well did you cope?

Nothing comes to mind right now.

7. Believe it or not, when next week's Hodgepodge rolls around it will be February. Huh?!? Bid adieu here to January in seven words or less.

A good start to a new year.

8.  Insert your own random thought here.

We enjoyed our snow. Sadly it has warmed up a lot since then and it has been melting fast.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Wednesday Hodgepodge

1.  Speaking of skating...when did you last 'skate on thin ice', 'skate over the details', 'encounter a cheapskate', or just plain skate?

The subject of cheapskates came up this morning as LV and I were eating breakfast. We were thinking of some things we want to do before the big snowstorm gets here which involves stopping in at the new Aldi's in our area.

It brought to mind how when we were newly married. As in ... married for only a week someone came to see me saying that they will be going to an Aldi's 60 miles away and wondered if they could pick something up for us. (The Amish used to hire a driver and go to Aldi's maybe once or twice a year and stock up on a lot of things)

LV and I were planning to go shopping later that week so I asked for only a few boxes of cereal.

When she came to deliver our cereal she went ahead and charged me half the cost of the trip as well. It was the most expensive cereal we ever had, and I never accepted anything that sounded like a favor from her again.

2. What would you say is the biggest problem of people your age?
Balancing everything that needs to be done.

3. What's your favorite accessory? Is it something you wear every day, often, or only on special occasions?

A necklace. I wear it mostly for special occasions.

4. January 20th is National Cheese Lover's Day. Are you a lover of cheese? What's your favorite dish made with cheese? Last thing you ate that contained some kind of cheese? 

I love cheese. My favorite dish made with cheese is Chicken Enchiladas with a great queso sauce. I could eat it several times a week, but unfortunately that doesn't happen.
5. What's something guaranteed to make you roll your eyes?

Lame jokes usually make me roll my eyes even when I try not to.
6. Your favorite book series? 

I love the Anne of Green Gables series. I have no idea how often I have read them already.
7. Why did you choose your profession? 

Being a wife/ mother/homeschool teacher is the profession I love the most.

Being an author I chose because I have always loved writing, and there were so many things begging to be written.
8. Insert your own random thought here.

Winter is my favorite season. So far we haven't had much of a winter, but they say we're supposed to get quite a snowstorm later this week. Here's hoping they're right.